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What You Are, What You Were

What did you like doing when you were a kid?
When working with individuals who are contemplating career decisions coaches often ask clients to recall talents and interests when they were young.  The past really can be prologue into giving each of us insight and direction into our future path.  That has certainly been the case for me.    
Several days ago I ran across an article about how my hometown of Fort Worth, Texas has capitalized on the Trinity River, developing it into a centerpiece for a variety of festivals and events.  Fort Worth, like many cities with river frontage, spent years battling floods, pollution, indifference, and financial challenges before harnessing the resources to develop its river into an asset.  More on that later.
As I remember it my good friend, Gary, and I were a couple of bored, likely desperate, 15 year olds when we came across the trunk of that Sycamore tree.  It lay curbside, ready for solid waste pickup, to be chopped, shredded, burned.  Nine or 10 …