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Putting Your Talent to Use

“Your talent is God’s gift to you.What you do with it is your gift back to God.”Leo Buscaglia
Nearly a century ago, in 1920, he cracked 54 home runs, more than all but one other major league team!The runner up that year, George Sisler, had just over a third of that number at 19 round trippers.
He went on to hit a career total of 714, a record that held until 1974.So prolific a ballplayer was he that a candy bar carried his namesake.
Whether it be the “Sultan of Swat,” “Colossus of Clout,” or “King of Crash” many would concur that George Herman “Babe” Ruth was the most dominating player to have ever graced America’s professional baseball diamonds.What was it about Ruth that distinguished him from his contemporaries and still to this day holds him in the highest esteem?
Two research professors at Columbia University made it a mission to find out.Following a game in 1921, Babe Ruth was shepherded out of Yankee Stadium and into the research lab for a battery of tests.The objective:to determin…